Technical OPA Training


This training course covers the technical aspects of OPA, including event handling and customization/integration of the Oracle Determinations Engine (ODE), Oracle Web Determinations (OWD), and Oracle Determinations Server (ODS). It is geared towards technical developers with basic understanding of OPA rules development, who wish to progress to becoming an OPA Technical Integration Specialist.

In the majority of cases, OPA rulebases require integration with existing applications, external systems and databases. OPA is not packaged with any out-of-the-box integrations, but does provide a plethora of extension points suitable for all kinds of technical integration challenges.

Monad’s Technical OPA Training gives the participant a complete walkthrough of the two key low level APIs: the OPA Determinations Engine API and the OPA Interview Engine API. This provides the student with a solid foundation on which to build custom integrations or to embed within their own applications. The course then progresses from this solid foundation to cover the two web applications delivered as part of OPA - OWD (Oracle Web Determinations) and ODS (Oracle Determinations Server) and the various extensibility strategies associated with them.

Included on this course is the module OPA Rules Writing for Technical Developers which is a rapid introduction to OPA rulebases and modeling techniques. It is essential that every technical developer understands the fundamentals of how OPA rulebases are compiled and authored by rule developers. This module is tailored towards Technical Developers as opposed to legal/policy experts.

This course is not available anywhere else - Monad is the only firm globally to offer this OPA Technical Training course.


Typically 5 days. Monad can be flexible and may be able to spread the course over several weeks, but we recommend that the course is delivered in a single week to be most effective.


  • OPM (10.3 or later) installed on participants' machines;
  • A .NET/Java IDE, preferably Eclipse for Java or Visual Studio 2010+ for .NET;
  • Proficiency in Java and/or .NET technology and programming techniques;
  • Basic proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel;

Prior knowledge of OPA Rules Development is desirable but not required if the OPA Rules Writing for Technical Developers module is included.

Typical Course Outline (can be customised)

Day 1

  • Setting up OPA Development Environment
  • OPA Rule Writing for Technical Developers

Day 2

  • OPA Rule Writing for Technical Developers
  • Determinations Engine API
  • Custom Function Extensions
  • Inferencing Listeners
  • Rulebase Listener

Day 3

  • Custom Formatters
  • Interview Engine
  • Event Handlers

Day 4

  • Customising Oracle Web Determinations (OWD)

Day 5

  • Customising Oracle Determinations Server (ODS)

Module Contents

All lessons are accompanied by exercises with worked solutions using Java, .NET or XML soap clients.

Batch Processor Module covers the batch processor which allows cases to be processed in batch. It provides training on using both CSV files and database connections for input and output.

Determinations Engine Module covers the concepts, API constructs and extension points associated with the use of the core OPA Determinations Engine.
Determinations Server Module provides a detailed technical view of the OPA Determinations Server application.
Interview Engine Module covers the concepts, API constructs and extension points associated with the use of the core OPA Determinations Engine.
OPA Runtime Module provides a high level technical view of the OPA Runtime technical stack.
Web Determinations Module covers the concepts, API constructs and extension points associated with the use of OPA Web Determinations.

Optional Extensions

There is a lot of material covered in this course, not all of which will be relevant to all customers. Monad’s Technical OPA Training can be tailored to specific requirements of the project or engagement the participants will be working on. For example, the course can be delivered in Java or .NET. Also, modules specific to OWD or ODS can be excluded/included where appropriate.


The following courses are recommended for participants wishing to progress in a specific area of OPA expertise: